Master/Mind, Part 4

Growing the Grey Matter Replacing the negative with something far better….and far bigger.  Paul shows you exactly what to do to change your future. Fixing your mind on Christ fixes your mind.  Philippians 4:8-9,13

Master/Mind, Part 3

Excuses Excuses You probably make a lot of excuses as to why you can’t be healthier, more positive, more faithful, more hopeful, more kind, more determined, more effective…more whatever. Why it’s time to stop making excuses, and how to do it. Luke 14:15-24

Master/Mind, Part 2

Where Thoughts Come From Could there be a supernatural force behind your destructive thinking? Jesus said Satan was a liar, exposing the lies that get planted in our heads. Identifying the source can change your course. Galatians 5: 16, 19-24

Master/Mind, Part 1

Battle In the Grey Matter Everything begins with a thought. Our dreams, our fears, our hopes and our insecurities are birthed from the three pounds of grey matter in between our ears. Our excuses, our plans, our failures all start here. So how do we safeguard our mind? How do we take our thoughts captive…