Leading people to trust, imitate and extend Jesus

We take initiative

Believing that God is always working around us creating opportunities for His kingdom to come to earth, we take initiative to seize those opportunities. In doing so, we join Him in His work.

We take risks

We will risk everything to follow God, we will risk everything to reach everyone and we will risk everything to reach our full redemptive potential as a church. Why? Because taking risks is the essence of faith.

We really do mean “come as you are”

This not only applies to what you wear, but what your life is like. No one has to clean up, straighten up, sober up or “get their act together” before they can come to Venture Church. We accept each other just as Christ accepted us… so come as you are… really!

We embrace imperfection

We know that there are no perfect people and no perfect churches. We allow our imperfections to foster humility in us, and grace towards others.

We foster authenticity

Honesty is the beginning of the path that leads to freedom. We have to be honest about ourselves and embrace the truth about the world around us before we can receive everything God has for us. We speak and receive the truth.  

We run towards people far away from God

Even though some people feel very distant from God, we realize that every person is only one step of faith away, so just as the father of the prodigal son “ran to meet him while he was still a far way off” we run with the same passion and for the same purpose.

We remove aloneness

Before sin entered the perfect world, man still had a problem… he was alone. And God’s perspective was that this situation “was not good.” Because aloneness is at the root of all kinds of brokenness and sin, we will seek to attack mankind’s original problem by removing aloneness through deep relationships and community.

No celebrity leaders

Even though many people want celebrities to lead them, our leaders will seek to be accessible, humble, authentic and approachable.

We honor spiritual journey

Every person’s journey with God is very different. We are a gathering of people at many different points in our spiritual journeys. There is acceptance for where you are and encouragement to take the next step.

We are producers rather than consumers

Because God has prepared work that needs to be done and created us to do it, we will be producers of good works rather than merely consumers of services.

We play offense

The kingdom of God is described as light penetrating the darkness. It is active, advancing, and transforming. It advances by proclaiming what we are for rather than what we are against.

More than just a Sunday show

We love our Sunday gatherings and the energy that is present when everyone comes together, but we are not just a Sunday show. We seek to reach out to every man, woman and child in our community, seven days a week, with the hope that God offers.