We want to make sure that we start 2018 off in the right way. What if in this year:

  • Every person at Venture sought God’s perspective every day.
  • Every person at Venture read the same portion of the Bible in their daily devotion.
  • Every person listened to the same daily devotion.

We have made this possible by providing two platforms that we would like for you to take advantage of.

1) Daily Audio Devotion

This year we will be continuing to work through our daily devotionals together, using an audio devotion plan by Mike Breen. As the year closed, we finished up Revelations and rounded out the New Testament. So to begin this year, we will be diving into the Heroes of both the Old Testament and the New Testament. To get signed up simply follow the below instructions:
  1. Start by going to https://daily-devotionals.teachable.com/
  2. Click Enroll Now
  3. Create a log-in and click Sign Up
  4. Scroll down and click Heroes 
  5. Scroll to bottom of page and click Yearly Subscription and then click Enroll in Course
  6. Go to Add Coupon and type in VENTURECHURCH (this should make the subscription free of charge)
  7. Enter card info. (Your card will not be charged, as the subscription was made free using the coupon.)
  8. Click Enroll in Course
  9. Download the Teachable app on your phone using the app store.
  10. Log into the Teachable app using the log-in info that you created in Step 3.
The devotional will be updated daily through the Teachable app and will save all of the devotionals throughout the year, so you can go back and listen to them at any time.
If you have any trouble getting signed-up, don’t hesitate to email ian.montalto@taketherisk.com

2) Daily Email Reading Plan

By clicking here, you can enter your email for a daily reading plan following the Moravian calendar that takes you through the bible in one year (free).