Missional Families

Missional Families are one of the ways we create a sense of family and community here.  By Jesus’ example we deeply invest in other people and challenge each other to be more like Him.

It’s relational. It’s spiritual. It’s “to know and be known.” It’s more than a Sunday show.

Missional Families are groups of approximately 20 to 40 people who are seeking to reach a particular neighborhood or network of relationships with the good news of Jesus. The group functions as a flexible, local expression of the church and has the expressed intention of seeing those they are in relationship with become followers of Jesus with them. They exist to see God’s Kingdom come to their friends and neighbors. They are networked within the larger church community, allowing for a “scattered” and “gathered” expression of Venture Church.

Ready to jump in? Contact Peggy Dickey for more information about Venture Missional Communities.